May 28, 2024

Solar and Space Physics UNIToV

Gruppo di Fisica Solare e Spaziale Università di Roma Tor Vergata

SWICO Community


SWICO: The Space-Weather Italian COmmunity

SWICO is an association bringing together research teams from several Italian academic institutions, non-profit research institutes and private companies (e.g., universities, INAF and INGV institutes, INFN, TPZ, etc.), in a collaborative virtual setting to focus on issues concerning Space Weather.

The aim of SWICO is the harmonic development of the national scientific and technological researches in the various Space Weather sub-topics: e.g., space physics, galactic cosmic rays, solar physics, Sun-Earth connections, solar wind, Earth magnetosphere, geomagnetism, ionosphere physics, plus any contiguous topic and their applications.

The Board of Directors (Consiglio Direttivo) consists of 6 elected members including a president.

Current members of the Board are:

  1. Prof. Vincenzo carbone (UNICAL – University of Calabria) President
  2. Dr. Alessandro Bemporad (INAF – Turin Astronomical Observatory) Board member
  3. Prof. Francesco Berrilli (UNITOV – University of Rome Tor Vergata) Board member
  4. Prof. Giuseppe Consolini (INAF – IAPS/Rome) Board member
  5. Dr.ssa Paola De Michelis (INGV/Rome) Board member
  6. Prof.ssa Francesca Zuccarello (UNICT – University of Catania) Board member

The SWICO associates are (currently) 110 researchers from various institutes spread all over the country (see the map).

Various Working Group have been created:swico_italy

1- Rapporti con l’industria

  • Silvano Fineschi (INAF-OATO)
  • Stefano Orsini (INAF-IAPS)
  • Matteo Martucci (INFN-UNITOV)
  • Francesco Berrilli (UNITOV)

2- Rapporti con strutture nazionali ed internazionali che si occupano di meteorologia spaziale ed atmosferica

  • Fabio Lepreti (UNICAL)
  • Matteo Mergè (INFN-UNITOV)
  • Anna Milillo (INAF-IAPS)
  • Vincenzo Romano (INGV)
  • Giuseppe Consolini (INAF-IAPS)

3- Scienza in connessione a bandi EU e Nazionali

  • Christina Plainaki (INAF-IAPS)
  • Mirko Piersanti (UNIAQ)
  • Carlo Scotto (INGV)
  • Luca Sorriso-Valvo (CNR-Nanotecnologie)
  • Francesca Zuccarello (UNICT)

4- Outreach e comunicazione

  • Luca Giovannelli (UNITOV)
  • Antonella Greco (UNICAL)
  • Alessandro Bemporad (INAF-UNITO)
  • Paola De Michelis (INGV)

5- Nuovo stato giuridico di SWICO

  • Dario Del Moro (UNITOV)
  • Vincenzo Carbone (UNICAL)
  • Francesco Berrilli (UNITOV)
  • Giuseppe Consolini (INAF-IAPS)
  • Paola De Michelis (INGV)

In particular, SWICO aims to:

  • promote the collaboration among the  members, among the relative institutions and the other research and technology institutes, at national and international level;
  • promote the participation to joint research activities in the framework of national and international projects and cooperation agreements;
  • foster the generation of PhD programs, of post-degree and post-doc courses, and in general of advanced didactic activities;
  • promote the exchange of instrumentation and the development of common services as, for example, observation and forecasting networks;
  • promote the knowledge and technological transfer to the user community;
  • promote reciprocal hospitality of professor, researcher and technologist in the relative institutions;
  • promote seminar and outreach activities.

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