April 15, 2024

Solar and Space Physics UNIToV

Gruppo di Fisica Solare e Spaziale Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Past and present PhD students



Valentina Penza

Modelling of solar irradiance variations

Supervisor  Bruno Caccin

Current  Secondary School Teacher


Dario Del Moro

The Sun: dynamics and topology in the upper convection layer

Supervisor  Francesco Berrilli

Current  Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy


marisa Marisa Magrì

Measurements and Analysis of Intensity and Velocity Fluctuations of the Solar Disk

Supervisor  Bruno Caccin     Co-supervised with Giuseppe Severino and Francesco Berrilli

Current  Secondary School teacher



SerSerena-Criscuoliena Criscuoli

Radiative properties of complex magnetic  elements in the solar photosphere

Supervisor  Francesco Berrilli    Co-supervised with Mark Rast (LASP) and Ilaria Ermolli (INAF-OAR)

Current  Researcher at National Solar Observatory, Boulder, USA



Silvia-iordanoSilvia Giordano

The connection between solar magnetic fields and photospheric dynamics

Supervisor  Francesco Berrilli

Current  SELEX ES – ALTRAN Spa, Rome, Italy


bartBartolomeo Viticchiè

High resolution spectropolarimetry of solar surface

Supervisor  Francesco Berrilli   Co-supervised with J. Sánchez Almeida

Current  MTG Calibration Consultant at EUMETSAT, Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany


Marco Stangalini

Dynamics of solar active regions at very high spatial resolution

Supervisor  Francesco Berrilli  Co-supervised with Dario Del Moro

Current  Researcher at Italian Space Agency (ASI), Italy




Dario Maschietti

Determination of distribution Moments for SWA instrument on board of Solar Orbiter

Supervisor  Andrea de Lellis   Co-supervisor  Francesco Berrilli

Current Research Scientist, Prisma SRL, Italy


Sergio Fabiani

Extending polarimetry to stellar and Solar Hard X-rays

Supervisors Enrico Costa (INAF/IAPS) and Francesco Berrilli

Current  Researcher at INAF – Institute for Space Astrophysics and Planetology, Italy

fabioFabio Giannatasio

Spectropolarimetry of Quiet Sun Dynamics

Supervisors Francesco Berrilli and Dario Del Moro

Current  Researcher at Istituto Nazionale di geofisica e Vulcanologia – INGV, Italy

roberto_piazzesiRoberto Piazzesi

Adaptive Optics: experimental setup for turbulence prediction tools

Supervisors Francesco Berrilli and Dario Del Moro

Current Researcher at INAF-OAR Rome, Italy

lucaLuca Giovannelli

Photosphere Dynamics: imaging spectrometer prototype and N-body simulation

Supervisors Francesco Berrilli and Dario Del Moro

Current TDA researcher at University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy



andrea_raponiAndrea Raponi

Spectrophotometric analysis of cometary nuclei from in situ observations

Supervisor  Francesco Berrilli   Co-supervised with Fabrizio Capaccioni

Current  Post-Doctoral Fellow at INAF-IAPS, ARTOV, Italy


Fulviafulvia Pucci

MHD instabilities and flare forecasting

Supervisor  Francesco Berrilli   Co-supervised with Marco Velli (UCLA) and Luca Biferale

Current  Researcher at Interstellar and Heliospheric Physics, NASA/JPL, USA


Mija Lovric

The influence of Solar Spectral Variability on stratospheric ozone

Supervisor  Francesco Berrilli   Co-supervised with Chiara Cagnazzo (CNR-ISAC)

Current Computer programmer, UK Software Company


Daniele Galuzzo

Habitability Conditions for Exoplanets: Astrophysical, Astronomical and Climatic Constraints

Supervisor  Chiara Cagnazzo (CNR-ISAC)    Co-supervised with Francesco Berrilli

Current Computer programmer, Italian Software Company


Pietro Scarica

Observations and modelling of planetary atmospheres and central star interaction

Supervisors  Giuseppe Piccioni (INAF-IAPS), Chiara Cagnazzo (CNR-ISAC), Francesco Berrilli



Giorgio Viavattene

The Magnetic Field and the Dynamics of the Solar Convection

Supervisor  D. Del Moro  Co-supervised with G. Consolini (INAF-IAPS) and L. Giovannelli

Current  Researcher at Italian Space Agency (ASI), Italy


Daniele Calchetti

An investigation of experimental and numerical techniques to detect intermittent stellar/planetary photometric signals

Supervisor  Francesco Berrilli  Co-supervised Stuart Jefferies (GSU) and Luca Giovannelli

Current Post-Doc at Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research


Piermarco Giobbi (PRESENT)

Advanced analysis algorithms for low SNR astrophysical signals

Supervisor  Francesco Berrilli  Co-supervised Stuart Jefferies (GSU) 



Raffaele Reda

A synergic strategy to identify habitable exoplanets

Supervisor  L. Giovannelli  Co-supervised Maria Pia  Di Mauro (INAF-IAPS) and Francesco Berrilli

Current Post-Doc at Department of Physics, University of Rome Tor Vergata


Giulia Lovati  (PRESENT)

Currents in the High Latitude Ionosphere: the case of the Earth in response to the Solar Forcing

Supervisor  Paola De Michelis (INGV), Co-supervised Francesco Berrilli



Matteo Cantoresi  (PRESENT)

Magnetic Activity as a driver of the variability of our star: the scientific case of Coronal Holes

Supervisor   Francesco Berrilli



Archana Giri Nair  (PRESENT)

Study through nanosatellites of solar drivers and Sun-Planet interaction in the context of Space Weather

Supervisor   Francesco Berrilli Co-supervised Dario Del Moro



Fallon Konow  (PRESENT)

The Solar Synoptic Telescope project: MOF-based spectroscopy, Telescope optical design and robotization

Supervisors   Francesco Berrilli, Stuart M. Jefferies

Cotutelle University of Rome Tor Vergata and Georgia State University