May 28, 2024

Solar and Space Physics UNIToV

Gruppo di Fisica Solare e Spaziale Università di Roma Tor Vergata

The birth of Tor Vergata Fabry-Pérot interferometer

lutin3Fabry-Perot tunable filters are of great interest in high spectral resolution imaging for both ground-based and space astronomical observations. Major advantages include imaging capabilities and the study of extended astronomical sources, such as the solar photosphere. The high transparency of the instrument allows the high time-resolution necessary for the observation of fast dynamic processes. The prototype here presented has been developed as part of the study for the narrow band channel of the ADAHELI mission.

The ADvanced Astronomy for HELIophysics (ADAHELI) is a solar satellite designed to investigate the dynamics of solar atmosphere as part of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) program.