July 24, 2024

Solar and Space Physics UNIToV

Gruppo di Fisica Solare e Spaziale Università di Roma Tor Vergata

A Turbulent talk for the 9th YRM

During the 9th Young Researcher Meeting in Salerno, the PhD student Giorgio Viavattene presented recent and interesting results on the Fluctuation Theorem of Gallavotti and Cohen (1995) [GCFT], which describes some symmetry features of the entropy production rate and deviations in the non-Linear and far from equilibrium regime.
The turbulent solar convection, observed in the photosphere and viewed as a dissipative non-equilibrium system near a steady state, provides an incomparable laboratory to test the validity of the GCFT.
To perform this analysis, we made use of a high-resolution spectro-polarimetric dataset acquired with the IBIS instrument installed at the Dunn Solar Telescope. The entropy production rate has been evaluated using the vertical heat flux as a proxy, which has been computed using line-of-sight and temperature maps.